Donation to Pat Diskin Elementary School

The Outlook Foundation announces that on November 3rd, 2017, they were able to give out 20 HP computers w/ Windows 10 Pro, 19″ LCD monitors, new keyboards, and mice to Pat Diskin Elementary School in Las Vegas. Special thanks, Principal Regina Ballard and Administrator Holly Lee for making the necessary arrangements to make this presentation…

Donation to the Ollie Detwiler Elementary School

The Outlook Foundation was able to donate a large quantity of much needed Refurbished Desktop Computers, Flat Panel Monitors, keyboards, and mice to the Ollie Detwiler Elementary School in North Las Vegas. All computers came pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows 10 and Libre Office Software (Word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation program). Special thanks to Brenda H….

A new connection: Dianne Robbins

Dianne Robbins is a Social Media Specialist and a small business owner. She is giving to the cause her old electronics giving us the opportunity to make kids happy. Thank you Dianne!

Liviana and Fred donation for a better future

The Outlook Foundation is connected with the community and wants to support the cause with all the means. You can donate your electronics and make a donation like Liviana and Fred did. “Even if we do not have kids, we want a better future for the community. The Outlook Foundation is helping create better adults…

Bekam Development Company: a new partner!

The Outlook Foundation is proud to list a new partner for donations, the Bekam Development Company. This is a relationship started to last. Thank you, Judy!

HP Computers and Outlook Foundation

A generous donation from our ongoing and long-term partner HP Computers made possible to donate $5,000 worth of much-needed computers to Western High School in Las Vegas. For us, the partnership with HP is the needed support to make it possible to help kids succeed in having a better education, building the future. Thank you!

The Outlook Foundation is on GoFundMe

The Outlook Foundation President, Robert Biede, has created a Go Fund Me page to raise funds to support the mission. The link is In April 2016, with the help of Station Casinos, we were able to give out 300 computers to local in need students. We are currently trying to raise money, in order for…

Station Casinos and Outlook Foundation – Surprise 300 local kids

Las Vegas, NV, April 2016 – Outlook Foundation and Station Casinos provided 300 computers to 300 students from 10 at-risk elementary Las Vegas schools. Station Casinos recently donated the 300 Dell computers and the Outlook Foundation refurbished and re-purposed them. In addition to the computers the Outlook Foundation provided the students with an LCD monitor,…


Las Vegas, NV, Feb. 2016 – Outlook Foundation in a joint partnership with Western High School of Las Vegas was able to donate over 25 laptops and computers to very deserving students of different local high schools. All of it was made possible through a generous donation from our ongoing and long term partner HP Computers. The Outlook Foundation…

Outlook Foundation Expands Mission

LAS VEGAS, Nev., March 10, 2014 – Outlook Foundation announced today that they have expanded their mission to include helping veterans returning from deployment, who find themselves without jobs, by giving them a computer and the opportunity to seek education and employment. A computer is a valuable tool to find the resources veterans need to…