News Release: Success at SMB Nation Fall Conference

Posted on November 6, 2013 by jiasiuolo
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Las Vegas, NV – The Outlook Foundation announced today that their presence and participation at the SMB Nation 2013 Fall Conference was a great success. Harry Brelsford and the entire SMB Nation team greatly assisted in this success through making the Outlook Foundation the official charity for the Fall Conference. The Outlook Foundation had a formidable presence at the show from the opening breakfast presentation, raffle and silent auction, as well as interviews of both sponsors and attendees. Several people took advantage of the “Drag It, Drop It, Delete It” Computer Drive, as well.
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Through the money raised and computers donated at the SMB Nation Fall Conference, the Outlook Foundation can continue the dream of their founder John Iasiuolo, who passed away over the summer. The Outlook Foundation’s mission is providing donated computers, which are then refurbished and reallocated to under-resourced children, siblings separated in foster care, and deploying members of the military who are not able to physically see their loved ones for sometimes months on end. By being able to have access to computer, it makes communicating just a little easier during these separations.

“It brings incredible happiness to us to present a child with a computer, because we know that it can help to provide an equal chance for that child to succeed with their educational opportunities. This is something most of us and our children take for granted,” said Christine Iasiuolo, Co-Founder, Outlook Foundation. “In addition, knowing that a military person was able to witness the birth of his child while away, through the use of a computer, makes this so rewarding.”

“We could not have had such a great success without the support of Harry Brelsford and the entire SMB Nation Team as well as our amazing sponsors,” said Sharon Fry, Executive Director, Outlook Foundation. “We wish a special thanks to Kingston Technology, StorageCraft, Lenovo, HP, NETGEAR, IAITAM, Seagate, DriveSavers, WD, theBoom, iolo, laplink, and Michael Miller / The Molehill Group.”

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If you would like to help the Outlook Foundation, a donation of as little as $20.00 would be a huge help to continue to provide computers to under-resourced children, siblings separated in foster care and military personnel deployed away from home. For your convenience you can go online to their website at to donate.

About Outlook Foundation:

Outlook Foundation believes a computer can change a life. For a young student, a computer can give them access to a world of information and opportunity that can change their lives and prepare them to compete in today’s economy. For siblings separated in foster care, a computer provides them with a way to keep in touch and feel more secure in their situation. For a military family, a computer can give them the opportunity to keep in touch with parents protecting our freedoms–no matter where they are stationed in the world. In the right hands a computer has the power to change and transform lives for the better. Computers are integral to the way we work, learn and communicate with friends and families.

Outlook Foundation is recognized as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that provides under-resourced children, siblings in foster care, and military families with computers. For more information, and to learn how you can make a difference, visit: