Posted on February 10, 2013 by jiasiuolo
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Wow lots of new beginnings for 2013…let me bring you up to date

We attended CES and it was my first year that I got to visit the convention floor and see everyone in the corporate booths. So with the help of both Christine and Rover off we went me on the scooter them jogging next to me what a great time it was. I was also able to attend the evening events such as CES Unveiled…Pep Com…Showstoppers…Kingston wonderful event at Caesars Palace and Lenovo’s event at the Venetian Hotel’s Aqua-Knox. Yes we received quite the welcome for our show as well as the support for this wonderful foundation. We were able to talk with all the vendors that have been so helpful and asked for received their continued support. We also, were able to chat with new vendors and gain their support for this year.

It was a very important time for the foundation because very shortly I’m talking months not years that we will be introducing some wonderful campaigns for our fundraising efforts here in Las Vegas. We all know how tough the economy is and trust me fund rasing has become very tough also so we will step outside the traditional box and introduce some new fun was to have everyone particapte while fundrasing at the same time…stay tuned for this. In the mean time if you would like to help please take a minute and look at CAMPAIGN 2013. We look forward to whatever support you can provide. You can donateonline by visiting  As always, any amount you can provide is greatly appreciated. and is tax-deductible donation.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Gary and John and everyone else at BLAZENT for their very generous contribution to us this year and our community partners One Nevada Credit Union for their continued support of our foundation with many computers…flat panel monitors…keyboards…mice and a huge supply of computer accessories.  As you know we have been working with the Clark County School District Community Partners Program for 2 years helping children who are under resourced recieve computers…we are so pleased that we will now aslo be working within the school commmunity partnership program “Reclaim Your Future” whose goal is “To provide adult mentors from the business community to offer support and guidance to high school seniors who are off track to graduate. Mentors will encourage students to graduate and will promote future education and career focus.” Thank you C.C.S.D. for having us.

Ok one last thank you has to go out to Tom Coughlin and the great Storage Vision Conference that is held annually here in Las Vegas at the on set of CES week in January…if your in town why not join us there January  5 & 6 at the Riviera Hotel Casino.

Well this was long overdue  and please accept my apology for that… but now you are very current to What’s Going On at the Outlook Foundation